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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the delivery fee?

Delivery is free if you live within 10 km of Renwick, Blenheim or the Waihopai Valley. For further distances (Rarangi, Wairau Valley or Havelock) please fill out the enquiry form or give us a call. Long distance deliveries can be negotiated, although unfortunately we can no longer service Picton and Seddon.

What size is the wood?

Our standard cut is 35 – 40 cm in length with some variety in widths. Smaller pieces make great kindling for starting and instant heat, medium pieces are ideal for general use and larger pieces ideal for overnight. For custom cuts, please fill out the enquiry form or give us a call.

How many days for a delivery?

Typically less than 7 days in the quiet season, however from January until May wait times will depend on demand. Anywhere from 1 week to 7 weeks is normal.

How much firewood do I need?

We have found a typical family household in Marlborough burns an average of 9 to 12 cubic meters per year. Obviously this can vary with some people using as little as 3 cubic meters and others as much as 24.

Will your truck fit in my driveway?

Our delivery vehicles are 3 to 5 tonne tip trucks. We can navigate 99% of driveways. There is an option at check out to let us know whether your driveway is suited for backing a trailer. If you have a wide driveway without any tight turns please check the ‘trailer friendly’ delivery box, as this makes deliveries more efficient for us.

Can you stack the wood for me?

At this time we do not offer a stacking service. We prefer to concentrate on providing a good quality product, in a timely fashion, without branching out into other services.

How long will the wood take to dry?

Best practice is to buy 12 months in advance, however this is not always possible. Best tips to cut drying time down are to store the wood on a solid surface in a sunny spot, and cover it when rain is forecast. This will reduce drying times compared to being hidden at the back of a shed. Soft woods dry faster than hard woods. Any estimate we provide on drying time is only a ‘best guess’ because seasoning depends on a wide variety of factors including storage, post delivery which we can not be held responsible for.

Can I pay the wood off?

Yes, we offer a payment service. Contact us and we will go through the details.

Do you have any dry wood?

90% of our sales are wet or ‘unseasoned’ firewood. We do carry a limited stock of ready to burn firewood each winter but this sells out very quickly, so it pays to buy well in advance of the winter arriving.

Do I need to be home when you deliver?

No, in fact most customers are away when delivery is made. If you leave clear instructions and an unlocked gate we can make our delivery.

How can I make delivery easy for you?

Please leave the driveway clear, gate open and dogs locked away. The delivery time we provide is a target for us, however sometimes there can be slight hold ups. With any major delay we will make contact, however if we are a few minutes late please don’t contact us.

Can I cancel my order? What are your Terms & Conditions?

Orders can be cancelled with a full refund as long as it is done more than 24 hours prior to scheduled delivery. This must happen via phone directly to our staff, not via text or email.
Yes we have Terms & Conditions, which you must read and agree to when purchasing firewood from us. Go to Terms & Conditions here.

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