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Firewood Basics

What’s the difference?


Softwoods are lighter density which means they ignite much faster, and are useful as a starter wood to get your fire going. Softwood generally has a medium heat value and burning time. It dries quicker than hardwood.


Hardwoods are very dense and they pack more potential heat. This means they give off more heat and tend to be the best firewood type for heating and cooking. Hardwoods take longer to dry than softwoods.

Which wood is best for me?
  • Pine is our most common firewood order. It is a soft wood, which means it is easy to burn and has a short drying time. Pine is easy to source and is generally the cheapest firewood available.
  • Gum makes extremely good firewood as the wood is so dense, it has a prolonged burning time and high heat out-put. However, Gum has high water content and therefore needs a longer drying season.
  • Wattle has burning properties similar to gum, except it has a slightly lower wood density. It burns relatively slow but very hot.
  • Macrocarpa is a low to medium density wood. It has a tendency to burn hot for a good amount of time.
  • Old man pine is older pine than standard plantation pine. The older the tree, the better the burning properties, especially in trees over 50 years old (termed ‘old man pine’).
  • We also offer a mix of soft and hard woods, giving you the best of both worlds.
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